Things are changing here at I Hope To Speed. This site will now be dedicated exclusively to our Cathcart-McDonnell lines. It is our hope that by narrowing the focus of this site we can provide our users with a better experience. It’s a work in progress – all genealogy is – but we are moving quickly to get these lines back up and running.

Some things to look forward to on the site in general:

  • The Genealogical Proof Standard. This is a set of standard and principles to which our research on these lines will now be held. You’ll notice it most in the source format. But you may also notice it by who is in and who is out. You’ll see terms such as Original/Derivative, Primary/Secondary and Direct/Indirect. These terms relate to the quality of the evidence for any given fact and can be used to determine the weight that should be afforded any particular source.
  • Proof Statements or Arguments. These are articles you will find associated with a particular fact about an individual or family. You’ll be able to judge for yourself whether we’ve done a good job of collecting and evaluating evidence. More importantly you’ll be able to better evaluate whether our conclusions are sound.
  • The Blog.  We’ll be able to keep you apprised of who we are working on and where the research is headed. We’ll tell you about the spectacular finds as well as the dead ends and brick walls. We will also be featuring relevant articles from guest bloggers and historical perspectives on the times our ancestors lived in.
  • Stay Connected and Collaborate. Sign up through the RSS feed or email and you’ll know when a new article is out. We’ll let you know when a new database is in and the surnames that have changed. Help us brainstorm or ask a question with the comments section of the blog.

We’ve got some great research questions on our plate right now as well as some fun heritage travel. Phil just returned from a trip to Columbia, SC which means new headstone photos! It also led to a very curious dead end on George Hume Cathcart. I’m about to burst on a new Beirn lead but I can’t schedule Philadelphia until I hear back from NARA-Mid Atlantic. I’ll be in Birmingham, AL late summer for a professional development conference. I’m anxious to visit the library while I’m there on the Morrow/Walker lines and also Benjamin Moore.

There are so many exciting things happening. I hope y’all will stick it out with us. We welcome your feedback.

Rorey Cathcart

Copyright (c) 23 Jun 2012