Today I’ve uploaded the most current Cathcart-McDonnell database here at I Hope To Speed.

I have finally settled on RootsMagic5 as our primary database platform. I hope you’ll be pleased with the additional functionality this platform will provide. At this time only our direct Cathcart line is updated to any appreciable degree. I’ve been hesitant to get too far into editing until I could test out the new database platform on this latest version of our web software. So far, I’m quite happy. I’ll now be moving full steam ahead to finish bringing the Cathcart line up to the Genealogical Proof Standard.

One consequence you’ll notice of the platform changes is inconsistency in the place names.  We are also currently experiencing slow load times with the new website design. I’ll be holding off on uploading media until I understand this problem better so as to not slow us down even more.

Should you need access to media, or have any questions regarding the database feel free to use the comment feature in the upper right corner of this (or any) post. Or, email me at

Thanks again for your patience,

Rorey Cathcart

Copyright (c) 17 Jul 2012