We are close. So close. While there are still a few technical issues pending on the site itself, the majority of the delay is on my end. I am still learning both the database software and the photo-managemenet software I have chosen to use. I’m still fussing over some of my protocols. And, of course, I have an immense task of bringing my citations up to the Genealogical Proof Standard. My hope is for a solid push this holiday weekend to square away at least the Cathcart lines. Until then, the latest database is in.  Featured changes include:

  • Incorporation of evidence from the Elmwoood Cemetery visits into the database.
  • Upload of the two headstones we missed on the first trip.
  • Watermarking of all images currently on the site.
  • Removal of two branches at the request of a cousin.

I have many proof arguments to write in order to address conflicting evidence. Many of the headstones uploaded still need to be transcribed. Lastly, I have a large number of documents and document images that still need to be uploaded.

Thanks for your patience,

Rorey Cathcart
Copyright 20 November 2012