Database Coming Down

Our primary database covers the long continuum of my research and citation learning curve. Couple that with the work arounds required to create a usable gedcom from RootsMagic for this site and, well, it’s all a bit of a mess. Over this holiday the main database will be coming off the site. I will be testing several uploads so one minute you may find a database on the site while the next minute nothing will be there. I’m very sorry if this causes you any difficulties.

The new database will come online slowly as I update sources for many individuals and events. As always, please keep in mind that a database is just a collection of events and sources. You should seek out the sources for your own analysis and correlation rather than take my work as gospel. In the meantime, if you need access to the old database I’d be happy to invite you into the tree as a guest. Just send me an email with your request and email address to

On The Horizon

  • With the move to the Charleston area you can expect more postings and regular database updates. I’ll also be adding document transcriptions, proof arguments and “State of the Search” articles for various individuals.
  • I continue to play around in Lightroom. I think I’ve learned how to directly create the thumbnails for this site so the citations will carry with them. Some of the images we currently use will come down as I continue to document public domain vs. permission required images.
  • Lastly, the big new is that I’ve decided to forgo including Michael Francis Beirn in my certification portfolio. New researchers have been coming online at I feel compelled to publish some of my findings so they can avoid the perpetuation of many misconceptions about this and the McDonnell lines.
  • And on that note, a trip to Philadelphia is in order. It looks as though end of January will be the time frame. More on this later.

A Great Big “Thanks!”

The last year has just been the craziest. I’m looking forward to getting back to this website as well as the one for my side of the family. We’ve had new contacts to both sites in the last couple of months. The DNA kits continue to produce matches with connections confirmed on the Walker and Porter lines along with a tantalizing lead on the adoption line. 2014 is going to be an exciting year for genealogy. Thanks for sticking it out with us!

by Rorey Cathcart
For I Hope To Speed

Copyright (c) 22 December 2013